“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.”



We work hard to boost confidence, spread joy, cultivate strong social skills and academic knowledge.


Elementary School Preparatory Program.

(ESP Program) (Optional).


Our Montessori learning materials are designed to encourage movement, fostering a foundation for grasping abstract concepts. With dedicated French and music teachers, along with dance and yoga classes, children engage through listening, observing, and hands-on experiences.
Our Montessori environment focuses on four key areas: building confidence, enhancing concentration, promoting discipline, and preparing fine motor skills for writing. Through practical life, sensorial, language, and math areas, we nurture holistic development.

Meals Program.

( 2 Snacks morning 
and Afternoon & Lunch) (Optional).

 We provide two nutritious snacks and a well-balanced 
lunch for children, following the guideline standards stablished by Canada for their respective age groups.

Field trips.

In addition, we organize enriching field trips and outdoor programs to connect children with nature. Occasionally, we plan visits to engaging destinations such as aquariums, science centers, suspension bridges, Ambleside Park, farms, and more.