“Old man can make war, but it is children who will make history.”


About Ms. Mercedeh.

Coming from Iran with a background in electronics engineering and over 12 years of professional experience, my journey took a transformative turn after the birth of my daughter. Discovering the profound joy of working with children, I decided to pivot my career towards fostering their growth and development.

Having experienced the sweetness of working with pure love, I embarked on a dual role, incorporating art education into my responsibilities. Upon relocating to Canada, I made a deliberate choice to reshape my professional path and focus on working with children.

Recognizing children as the most precious and pivotal gifts in our lives, I am deeply passionate about contributing to their future. I believe in the inherent purity and aspiration for a joyful life that children possess. This conviction led me to discover the Montessori philosophy, a powerful tool for inspiring and nurturing young minds.

Motivated by this philosophy, I pursued certification from the prestigious Association Montessori International Training Centre in Vancouver. My dedication revolves around creating an educational environment imbued with joy, peace, and love. I firmly believe that at this tender age, children need to explore, observe, and feel to establish a foundation of confidence that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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